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Friday, October 23, 2015

Eragon: Lucine CC.

INFERENCE                           EVIDENCE   
   The character Eragon is a         *In pages 133 and 134       strongwilled, selfless,               Eragon fights off two  
 and brave person.                    Urgals alone
Image result for Eragon                      *Pages 372-375 Eragon                   and his companion, Murtagh,
              fight an army of Kull                      
*In pages 487-491 Eragon                  
single handedly takes on the Shade, Durza

Image result for saphira eragonEragon and Brom come across a village that has been destroyed and the people killed. They soon find out it was Urgals who did it, vicious monsters. There were still two Urgals there, and amongst the battle Brom is injured and knocked out cold. Eragon leads the Urgals away from Brom and takes them on alone. It was selfless and brave, knowing he’s never fought Urgals before and he didn’t know how to defeat them, but he fought them so Brom wouldn’t die.
Eragon and Murtagh were almost to the Varden when Saphira spotted an army of Kull while she was flying overhead. Kull are oversized and much stronger and advanced Urgals. They were coming towards them fast. Murtagh threw Eragon onto Saphira and told them to fly to the Varden and leave him behind. But as Saphira took off Eragon turned her around and stayed with Murtagh to fight alongside him, even though he knew they stood no chance, he wouldn’t leave Murtagh to fight them alone. That proves him strong willed because he disobeyed Murtagh to do what he knew was right and selfless and brave because he could have flown off with Saphira, gone to the Varden and let Murtagh die, but he went back to help Murtagh so both of them would reach the Varden and finally be safe.
Eragon took on the Shade, Durza, Shades are horrible monsters that no one has ever defeated. Eragon was trapped in the Dragonhold and couldn’t get out. Then the Shade, Durza appeared. Eragon couldn’t get help and instead of finding a way out he stood his ground and fought the Shade. He was easily defeated and was stabbed across the back. Through their battle Saphira and Arya came flying through the dragonhold and started fighting at the Urgals and Kull. That distraction gave Eragon enough strength and with one final blow stabbed the shade right directly in the heart, killing Durza once and for all. I find his actions selfless and brave because he didn’t back down and fought for the Varden and the people in it. He was also strong willed because if he’d called for Saphira he could have been saved, except she had been slightly wounded in battle and he didn’t want her to get hurt even more, so he fought Durza alone.    
Image result for Eragon  

The Eragon is about a poor farm boy who comes across a discovery that changes his life.
Eragon lives on a farm on the outskirts of the town Carvahall, where he grew up. He’s lived his whole life on that farm with his uncle Garrow, and his cousin Roran, his parents disappeared when he was very young.
Eragon is hunting one day in the Spine, it’s a large land outside of Carvahall that is feared to go into, and discovers a large glowing, blue stone that appeared in an explosion of light and burned the nearest trees to ash. When Eragon brings home the stone, hoping it’s worth something, it catches the eye of the storyteller. That night the stone Eragon thinks it is, hatches, revealing a tiny blue dragon.
In one night Eragon’s life changes and he’s thrown into a world of magic and legends of the Dragon Riders with the only companionship of a dragon and an old storyteller. He’s tracking down the Ra'zac who killed his uncle, while on the run from Galbatorix, the fearsome ruler of the empire. While battles rage and death follows, Eragon may not escape it all with even his life.


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