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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Testing: Eliza B.

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

My inference is that The Testing is similar to Divergent and The Hunger Games. My evidence is that on page 173 in the second book Katniss finds out she’s going to be picked to participate in the Hunger Games and in The Testing on page 21 Cia is picked to participate in the Testing. This makes them similar because in both books both characters Cia and Katniss have to participate in a competition that is life or death. The Testing is like Divergent because on page 362 Triss realizes that the Dauntless leader Eric is a faction traitor and has been working with another faction. The Testing on page in 96 Cia finds out that someone that runs the Testing was watching when Ryme tried to kill herself so they could have helped her instead they let her die. This proves that The Testing and Divergent are similar because in both books they learn who their leaders and right away Triss goes against the her leaders and for Cia she also later on in the second book she officially works against her  government.

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