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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Art of Racing in the Rain: Milo W.

The Art of Racing

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
My inference is that Zoe is very mature for her age mentally. She says all this stuff about not being a baby and about all this stuff that not even some adults would say. Like when she said that she had to “Grow up” after Eve, her mum died. This shows that she’s mature for her age because, if I were her age I would be utterly confused and I would break down in tears for days after I heard what happened. She just handled it like a boss.
Anyways the plot summary is… There’s this guy named Denny and he’s a race car driver. The entire book is based off of a dogs perspective and his and Denny’s life. For the beginning of the book it’s just them and then there comes a lady that Denny falls in love with, her name is Eve. Denny and Eve have a child named Zoe. Then Eve falls off a rock and then she dies and while that’s happening Denny gets accused for something and then the Twins sue him and everything goes wrong.
So, that’s my blurb! Hope you enjoyed, if you did please subscribe and like down belo- Wait, this isn’t a youtube video… That’s awkward.

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