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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lockdown: Mark M.

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith
This book is about a kid in his teens named Alex Sawyer who starts as a kid making money by breaking into and stealing from houses. But one day he is stealing from a house with his friend Toby, and these men come in and they are all wearing Black Suits. They take Toby and shoot him and frame Alex for it. He gets sent to a place called Furnace Penitentiary. The guards of furnace are the guys wearing the suits. Furnace has never been escaped before. Furnace is one mile underground and no way up but an elevator that has a gu that detects hostility and movement. The guards all have shotguns, and are inhumanly strong. On some nights this thing called a blood watch happens. These things called wheezers come out and they have gas masks on. If you are out of bed or awake you have a chance of your cell being marked. If your cell gets marked then a Blacksuit comes and grabs either you or your cellmate. On a blood watch about 5-6 wheezers come out, and when the Blacksuit pulls you out of your cell a wheezer will insert a syringe into you. The syringe makes you faint. Every morning there are jobs to be done, one is chipping. This is where you have to chip out rooms for the day. There are rooms 1-3. Number 2 is blocked off because of a cave in, but whenever Alex goes near there he senses something.

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