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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Red Pyramid: Ty L.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
Throughout the book I found that Sadie and Carter are naturally a good team. First, they’ve been separated for most of their lives and when they got together, in a few short days, they worked together to try and save the world with magic they hadn’t known about their whole life. Now, for most people it would take them days to just build the bond between each other and weeks more to learn the magic, but they didn’t need all that time which means they are a good team because when you can build a bond and work together in no time, that’s the definition of a good team, which is what they did, making them a good team. Also, they escaped the wrath of many foul magicians with their quick, collaborative thinking. Carter and Sadie were just meant to work together, and if you just know how to work with each other under harsh circumstances, that means you’re a good team, as shown by Sadie and Carter.
I found it impossible to deny that Sadie and Carter couldn’t be more different. First and foremost, they grew up in different countries, different continents even, and were never exposed to the same things. That in itself will shape a person when they grow up and that is exactly what happened, making their customs, activities and speech patterns different. Secondly, Carter and Sadie have different personalities. Carter is a know it all student who plays by the rules who isn’t used to getting comfortable since he and his dad traveled all over the world together. Sadie, on the other hand is the tough kid on the block with marginal grades and the tendency to be reckless. These different ways of going through your day is what makes Sadie and Carter so diverse, so that is why Carter and Sadie are different.

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