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Friday, November 18, 2016

Ryan P.

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Hi, my name is raymond and i am from Canada. Are you wondering why there is lightning? That is because ... well long story, there was a plane engine that stalled and one was killed. We were left with a village elder and two boys. Including me. We have to survive now, we were off track when we stalled so the search planes won't find us in a while. It is so cold here! Time for my inference! Hmmmm... I have noticed that Gabe. the other kid. Is trying to be optimistic because he has said when we just found a couple bullets which could rarely save our lives he said "The elder could shoot a moose any time!” and another time “Yeah, they'd see the plane turn then they would be searching over here! We’ll be out in no time!” even though that is so rare. Optimistic people would say that just to feel good even though it is rare or they don’t know that for sure. That is why I think Gabe is being optimistic. Well anyway gotta go. I think the village elder may have finished the snow shoes!

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