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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Absolutely Truly: Bella M.

Absolutely Truly
  By Heather Vogel Frederick

Summary:Absolutely Truly is about Truly Lovejoy, a 12 year old, quiet and withdrawn girl, though her height of 6ft. certainly attracts attention. Truly is happy at her home in Austin, Texas but when the family bookstore is in danger of closing, Truly’s war veteran father moves their family of seven from warm Texas to frigid, tiny, and boring Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire. No fun is expected in this town, but when Truly finds a twenty year old love letter in a signed copy of Charlotte’s Web, Truly goes on a wild goose chase to find the clues of this mystery.Meanwhile, the bookstore is being spruced to produce some sales. But the signed book ends up being stolen by a terror that is head to toe covered in kittens. Truly and her friends race around town to end these mysteries and end up finding them in the strangest places, from a bell tower to a frozen waterfall.

Inference:Truly can endure the best and the worst.    

Evidence:Pages 2-10
Truly has been moving and transferring through schools and homes so she knows not to get attached. She was also brave when she climbed the bell tower to get a letter. She endures her father’s scary speeches and evil eye looks and her father’s crazy math tutoring schedule. She can even endure teasing from one of the most annoying boys in school.

Explanation: Truly’s father is a war veteran so she knows when to expect that they’re moving to another state. Because of this Truly knows that she can’t be friends with someone for long. She also seems to be enduring her father’s phase of being silent and cranky after he lost his arm in Vietnam. She is very tough to endure all of this but she also endured climbing a bell tower to get a clue for her wild goosechase and endured being partially deaf until tuesday because her idiot friend Scooter rang the big 30-ton bell in her ears.  She also endured losing her swimming championship against the towns rival.But most of all, she endured falling from a bridge into a half frozen river and almost drowning. That’s one tough cookie!

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