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Friday, March 11, 2016

Because of Mr. Terupt: Trinity S.

Because of Mr. Terupt

Mr. Terupt: The song I found for Mr. Terupt was Stand By You - Rachel Platten. This song really is the perfect song. This song represents the relationship between his students toward the middle of the book they all become friends and the start knowing each other, and they start trusting each other. A part in the book where it shows that is when Mr. Terupt sticks up for Anna when she got picked on and made fun of.
Jessica: I chose the song Love Myself by: Hailee Steinfeld. This is the song I chose because Jessica who just doesn’t really fit in so at school so she loves herself and when I first read the book I knew she was the type of person that was shy but not at the same time. In the beginning of the book she says that she is having a hard time because she “betrayed” Alixia for being nice to Danielle. That also shows how rude Alexia is too. Jessica’s dad also didn’t move to Connecticut

Alexia: I picked out the song Try by: Colbie Caillat. I knew this would fit Alexia because Alexia tries hard to look good for boys and she tries to make herself look good but on the inside she is mean. Alexia also always say like, like all the time. I thought, when I first read the book that she was the prissy, mean, popular girl. Also in the book Danielle said the Alexia would talk bad about Jessica and even Anna.

Danielle: This song Let it Go by: James Bay really fit because she is shy and the type of person to just let it go and not take a big worry about the little things. In the book when Mr. Terupt gave big projects she wouldn’t get stressed about them she would just kind of let it go and when Alexia said man thing about other people when she was talking behind Jessica and Anna’s back Danielle told Lexie to stop talking behind their backs

Peter: This song totally fits him Troublemaker by: Olly Murs ft. Flo-rida. He is the class troublemaker he is always creating trouble or getting into trouble. A part in the book when he is a troublemaker is when he was running down the hall and ran into the principal, the principal fell and her skirt fell a little bit and her underwear was showing  

Anna: Anna is the confident but also the outcast. She is the total confident girl. That is why I chose the song Confident by: Demi Lovato. She is still confident even when her home situations make her the outcast. When her mom is young to be a mom and she is the shy one

Jeffery: The one that hates school. That is when I found this song I knew it would fit Jeffery. I Really don’t Care by: Demi Lovato because he doesn’t really care. He calls the kid in his class alright (in the beginning of the year). Jeffery is kind of a jerk in the beginning of the year when he calls Danielle fat.

Luke: Luke is the person that would like smooth, classy music. That is when I found this song Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye. This song fits Luke because when Mr. Terupt announced that they were having their first math project, Luke was the most excited for it because he is the big brainiac in the class, and he loves math.

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