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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Once Upon a Marigold: Bella M.

The first song I picked is based on Christian, the maine character of the book. The song I chose is called Leave it all behind by Nightcore. This hardcore song really hits on Christian’s experiences and all he’s been through. Christian ran away from home when he was six and blackmailed his way into making the troll Edric take him in, and eventually opens up to him. Eleven years later, he leaves home to see the world and heads toward the castle and becomes a servant for the castle housekeeper and eventually becomes Princess Marigolds lover but not until many things happen. The next song is based on Princess Marigold. The song I chose is called Bird Set Free. This free song focuses on the most important parts of Princess Marigold. Princess Marigold is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill princess. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty yet she is scorned for that. Princess Marigold is not allowed to leave the castle as punishment and for other reasons. She desperately wants to be able to see the world. The last song I picked is based on the villain of the story, Olympia. The song is Mean by Taylor Swift. This song focuses on what Olympia really is: MEAN. Olympia is proud loud woman who loves to stand out. You know what she also loves? Power. So much that she’ll make her daughter marry someone she hates just to get her away from the castle or kill her daughter for it.

Inference: Olympia is vain

Olympia cares very much for her appearance and the appearance of others. She always thinks the bigger the better, but that can lead to her and others wearing very gaudy clothes and jewelry. On page 37, Marigold had her crown hung on the back of her chair while she was reading, and Olympia hates that! It even states that Olympia is excessively concerned about her own and everyone’s wardrobe. On page 88,it says that Olympias beauty was so fake that it looked like it was artificial. On page 111, Meg the scullery maid says that Olympia is so lazy, even though she changes six times a day. On pages 163 & 164, Olympia created a monstrosity of a wedding dress for Marigold with pearls, lace, ribbons, embroidery, brilliants, and heavens knows what else, completely suiting Olympia’s taste.

Once Upon a Marigold is about a boy named Christian who ran away from home when he was six. When he comes to the woods, He meets Edric: a three foot tall troll who takes in Christian and eventually becomes Christians foster father. Zoom forward eleven years. Edric is getting ready for his campaign the tooth fairy, and Christian is making weird food concoctions and inventions. One day he sends a message to Princess Marigold, and everything changes.He ends taking a job at the palace just to be closer to her. Crazy things happen: kissing another man’s girl, suitors, but biggest of all: Olympia set to kill her daughter, Princess Marigold. This book is good for those who like fantasy, anticipation, comedy, love, and everything except what’s under the kitchen sink.

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