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Friday, March 11, 2016

Cinder: Lina F.

Cinder is based on the the fairytale cinderella but is about this girl named Cinder who is a cyborg who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters and works as a mechanic. And one day while she is at work she meets prince Kai who then falls in love with Cinder but he has to marry the evil queen Levana who is the queen of Luna. So prince Kai has to marry Levana so there will be peace between Earth and Luna, so queen Levana will give them the medicine to cure the plague. Because it is killing a lot of people around the world. But Cinder and a lot of other people don’t like queen Levana. Cinder is one of the best mechanics in the city .But she has to give all the money she gets to her stepmother, Cinder has always tried to please her stepmom but her stepmom never likes Cinder. But Cinder has a strong personality but when Kai asks her to the ball she thinks that he would never like her because she is a cyborg and that he can just pick any other girl he wants. So she decides that she won’t tell him and won’t matter because he won’t pick her. But then her stepmom decides to send Cinder to the cyborg draft where they test cyborgs. So they can find a cure for the plague. But at the laboratory she bumps into Kai and he just thinks that she is just there to fix some problems they have because she is a mechanics  

Kai- Let me Love you -  I choose that song because it goes well with Kai because he wants to show Cinder how great she is, and that he really likes her. So then Kai would go out of his way to get Cinder to go to the ball with him but she keeps saying no. And he wants to be there for Cinder.

Cinder - Stronger - I choose the song stronger for Cinder because she is always standing up for self because her stepmother and stepsister, Pearl, are always making fun of her because she is cyborg . But her other stepsister, Peony, is always nice to her, and treats her like is her real sister. And Cinder would do anything for Peony even dealing with her stepmom and sister every day.

The book- Count on Me- I choose the song count on me because Cinder and Kai can count on each other when they need help. And Kai tried to help Cinder when she got caught by queen Levana and Cinder helped Kai with his android when it was broken. And every needs someone to count on.   

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