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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Thing About Jellyfish: Nadia B.

The songs I have chosen are for the main character in this book named Suzy Swanson.  The first song I chose was When We Were Young by Adele.  This song is about remembering the past. The story switches from past to present and Suzy often looks back on the past when her friend Franny used to be around.  Suzy’s friend Franny had died over summer vacation from what Suzy was told drowning.  She was grieving from the loss of her friend.  Suzy often thinks about when they were young, so I picked this song.  Suzy missed her friend so badly, so she decided to try to find out what exactly had happened to Franny the day she died.  Suzy was a good friend to Franny because even when her friend was gone she didn’t believe Franny’s story was over.  She began to find out information about jellyfish on things like how many deaths they make per year, and Suzy started to realize that Franny could have possibly died from a jellyfish sting.  Suzy was so devastated by her Franny’s death that she even decided that she would no longer speak to anyone, and at that time she really didn’t have anyone but her family and therapist to speak to.  Suzy desperately needed someone to talk to but felt like she just couldn’t trust anyone.
The next song I chose was Hello by Adele.  Before Franny had died it seemed like Suzy’s friendship with her was just drifting away more and more.  Franny started hanging out with the more popular kids in their grade and no longer sat with Suzy at lunch.  It seemed like Suzy was often thinking “can you hear me?” which are lyrics from the song Hello.  I thought this song was perfect because it seemed like this thought crosses her mind quite some time.  Franny ignored her time after time and soon it seemed like they never even were friends.  Suzy cared about Franny even when they were not as close as they used to be.  Suzy had thought of how Franny could not have died from something like drowning and that there could be more to her story, when she was on a school trip to the aquarium.  She saw a poster on Irukandji jellyfish and it crossed her mind that maybe one could have possibly caused Franny’s death.  Suzy was strong for getting through the rough time when she didn’t have Franny by her side, which leads me to my next song.
 The finale song I chose was Elastic Heart by Sia.  “I’ve got thick skin…” are lyrics from this song and it is true that Suzy definitely does.  It was extremely hard for Suzy to hear that her best friend had died, and she had to have thick skin to get through something as rough as losing a friend.  It is hard to hear that a loved one has died and very overwhelming and heartbreaking, so she had thick skin to have had fought through the sadness of losing her friend Franny.

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