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Friday, March 11, 2016

I am Number 4: Gabe P.

I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore

I am Number 4 is the first in a ongoing series with amazing characters story and more. The two main characters are John Smith and Henri Smith. They are aliens from the planet Lorien which has been attacked by the mongolians, so they had to send 10 children to earth to grow and gain their powers so they can go back to Lorien and take back their planet. Along the way John meets the love of his life Sarah Hart. But have way through their journey number 6 joins them

1 On The Road Again this is the song for the book and i pick this because John and Henri are always on the road.
2 Mad World this is for John because up until the middle of the book  he was sad and the reason way is he never stayed in one spot for more than 2 months.    
3 The regulator this song was for Henri and the places they had to stay because Henri was always up and working and the houses they stayed in they always made it a bunker.   

4 Happy this song is for Sarah and the reason way i picked this song is because sarah is always happy.   
5 White and nerdy, this song is for Sam because in the beginning of the book Sam was that one nerdy kid no one liked, but after a while sam became pretty bad butt, so this song is more for the beginning of the book.    

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