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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lost in the Sun: Maya P.

Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff
In Lost in the Sun the main character, Trent keeps to himself and does not interact with almost anyone except his mom and two brothers. Recently Trent’s dad got remarried and is expecting a new daughter which he is very excited about. One the other hand Trent is having mixed feelings about the new baby, but only one feeling about his dad. Trent thinks that his dad hates him. While this is all going on, about half a year ago Trent was playing ice hockey with a couple of his friends. When he went to to score on Jared, he hit him right in the chest. Something that no one knew was that Jared had a heart defect. Soon after Trent hit Jared, Jared died. Trent has been feeling that all this was his fault, and that he killed Jared. Before long a girl named Fallon comes along. Fallon is not very popular. She is not very popular because of a scare that runs across her face and that the people in  her school judge people by something a person did or by how they look. That is how Trent and Fallon become lifelong friends.     

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