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Friday, March 11, 2016

Maximum Ride: Stefan B

Maximum Ride by James Patterson
I chose Radioactive for multiple reasons. First off, in the song, the singer specifically quotes “Welcome to the new age” and I think that relates to how the the world main characters are “new” people, because they have altered DNA. They also are powerful compared to normal humans in that they can fly, and the song feels empowering and talks about “Waking up” and feeling powerful.
The flock connects to the next song, Immortals, in a bunch of different ways. The song repeats the word “Immortals” many times, and even though they aren’t immortal, they escape from tons of tight situations, and even when you think they will die for sure, they end up escaping and are fine after a few days. This also can refer to the fact that the flock heals extremely quickly, so if they get injured, they will be fine in a few days. In the song, the singer says“I try to picture me without you but I can’t.” and that applies to the flock because they always try to stick together and even when one leaves, they come back after a while.
Can’t Hold Us represents the flock because the ceiling literally can’t hold them. They have wings and can fly, so the ceiling can’t hold them from flying. Also, the bad guys in the book always catch them, and when it seems hopeless, they always escape and turn out fine, so the bad guys ceiling can’t hold them. Finally, the song and the book are both very fast paced.
The song that best represents the book as a whole is Skyfall. Skyfall is a good theme for the book because the song is about the world ending, and Maximum Ride needs to lead the flock to save the world. Max is also usually never happy, and Skyfall is a sad song.

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