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Friday, March 11, 2016

Lost Years of Merlin: Henry H.

Merlin 2

The Lost Years of Merlin by: T.A Barron
The lost years of Merlin starts on a beach two people a boy and his mother wash up on the shore and are attacked by a boar they survive and move to a small village. Merlin/Emrys (the boy) survives horrible prejudice because his mom is a healer so everyone thinks she is a witch. Eventually things boil over when some boys try to crucify his mom and he ends up blinding himself when he causes a burning stake to ignite a hut that traps a person inside. Emrys dives into the fire to save the kid and is able to pull him out. He saves the boy but his face is horribly scarred and disfigured and he loses sight in both eyes. Somehow he learns how to see using a magic called foresight. His mother gives him a magical pendant named the Galator. He goes to a weird island called Fincayra where he meets Rhia. The two soon become friends but when a trip to the great spiders lair goes sour they are separated and This is taken prisoner by goblins.Emrys is furious he follows the goblins and survives many dangers. Finally he makes it to the spiral castle where he faces a giant threat.
Throughout this book there is a content friendship between Emrys and Rhia that only grows stronger as the story progresses. At the end of the book the two become what I deem to be more than friends. Emrys loyalty to This is more deep seated than friendship. At some points the author even states that there feelings a something special and Emrys sacrifices more than mere guilt at dragging her in. And that is why Merlin loves Rhia!

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