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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Bat Boy: Isaac G.

The Bat Boy by Mike Lupica

Brian is a very devoted person. He is devoted because even though his baseball hero took drugs, Brian believed in him through it all. He was able to see the good in him through all the bad. Brian is devoted because page 25 states that, “ Brian had never wanted to forgive him on either count-” him being Hank - “because he loved baseball too much not to see what guys using those drugs had done to the records and the record books in his lifetime. But he couldn’t help it: He never stopped rooting for Hank Bishop, even when he was off playing with other teams.” This shows that Brian is devoted because to be devoted you have to be loyal and faithful, which he shows by not giving up on Hank Bishop. Being devoted is also about giving a large part of one's time into a person which Brian sure does with his, “... Box labeled Hank Bishop.” In conclusion Brian is very devoted as a person.

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