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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pegasus: Camden H

Pegasus by Kate O'Hearn
Inference: Lauren is very hesitant to listen to Saturn.

Evidence #1: Lauren was not instantly killing people when Saturn told her to and she thought some of the olympians were innocent even though Saturn was demanding her to kill them.

Explanation #1: She did not want to listen to saturn which shows that she was hesitant.

Evidence #2: Lauren left Tartarus without telling Saturn, so she must have not wanted him to find out because she thought he would punish her.

Explanation #2: She thought she was going to be punished and she was scared of killing more people even though she did not need to. That proves that she does not want to stick with Saturn.

Evidence #3: When the Titans and the Olympians took their battle to Earth, Lauren joined Emily to help stop the battle and after that she went to Olympus with Emily instead of going back to Titus to live with Saturn.

Explanation #3: If you do not like somebody or do not want to be with them you will not follow them or join them in battle.

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