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Monday, November 14, 2016

Abigail W. The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Being brave means to protect someone or to do something that everyone else is scared of doing. Katniss is very brave because she has saved many of the lives of others and herself, for example Katniss saved her sister by substituting to go into the hunger games, She was the first one to substitute in many, many, years. Another way Katniss was brave was when she saved Peeta’s life when they were getting attacked by wolves that the gamemakers had sent after them and Katniss risked her life by being in the middle of the wolves to save Peeta from not being killed. The last reason Katniss is brave and she has saved yet another persons life was when Peeta was being hunted by the other kids in the arena and he was about to die when Katniss found him, she got him and nurtured him back to full health and mended his leg.

Katniss and Melody (From Out Of My Mind) are both very scared at times but they usually bounce back. For example: Melody was scared when her sister Penny got run over by a car but she bounced back when she new that Penny only had a few injuries she bounced right back. Same for Katniss, Katniss was scared and sad that Rue died but she knew she needed to win for Rue and she bounced right back.

Melody and Katniss are also very similar because Melody is also very brave, for example: Melody is special but she is still fighting to get on the quiz team and do what other normal kids are doing, she is very smart and she is making many friends. That’s why Melody is brave like Katniss.

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