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Monday, November 14, 2016

Kate S. The Running Dream

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

I can infer that Jessica, from The Running Dream, is determined because when she was home alone she took a shower by herself with no leg and no help. Jessica had a hard time getting in the shower and finding a comfortable position, but she pushed through and was successful. Another way I can prove Jessica is determined is that at the point when she was training for her race she was to run pushing Rosa in a wheel-chair. Everytime she went out to train she would push herself harder each time. Jessica would take her old wheel-chair and fill it up with sandbags and heavy things to imitate Rosa. She would run her path until she was done, and she would never stop or give up.
I know what my inference stated is true because a determined person would not stop and just give up, they would give it their all until they accomplished their task, just as Jessica did. If she wasn’t determined Jessica wouldn’t have even tried to do things that were challenging for herself, let alone run in the 10 mile race with her Prosthetic running leg. When things got hard she would’ve just given up and stopped trying, rather than pushing until you meet your goals. That is my reasoning for my inference Jessica, from The Running Dream, is determined.

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